It Shows

Richard Tuttle, Homesick as a Nail, 1992

In the field of the dream….what characterizes the image is

it shows….. Our position in the dream is profoundly that of someone who does not see. The subject does not see where it is leading, he follows…. He may say to himself, It’s only a dream. But he does not apprehend himself as someone who says to himself—After all, I am the consciousness of this dream. 

-Jacques Lacan, 1964

One person can make work for twenty-five years, and in the middle, something happens, and there’s no relationship between the early and the late work….. We always want to think a human being has this connection, but the truth is the human being has no connection…. I’d really like to see the end of time or have an experience outside of time…. I’m not leading, I am following. I am following something that is happening. 

-Richard Tuttle, 1986, 1990